Access mlOS from a browser. Working on it is just like using icons, desktop, windows and taskbar on your computer. 

The machine learning pipe is represented by five icons on the desktop.

  • Double click an icon on the desktop to open its window.
  • Stack many windows on the desktop.
  • Move a window by clicking and holding the top of an open window and dragging it on the desktop.
  • Resize a window by holding the bottom right corner and dragging to resize.

The Taskbar

The Taskbar is on top of the desktop. It behaves just how a taskbar behaves on your computer. 



Click to access the following items.

  • Algorithm Manager - Add custom algorithms.
  • App Manager - Manage apps that you created.
  • Control Panel - Modify settings, generate API keys, manage storage, and more.
  • Data Store - Sample data and use cases.
  • Bug Report - Report bugs and ask for support
  • Activity Viewer - View and manage activities and work logs
  • Project Manager - Manage projects
  • User Profile - Edit and manage your profile and subscriptions
  • Data Engine - Upload and pre-process data
  • ML Engine - Create machine learning models
  • Model Manager - Review and manage models.
  • App Manager - Deploy models.
  • Dashboard - Interact with model APIs, score data in real-time or batch.
  • Change Theme - Click to switch from Dark Mode to Light Mode and vice versa.
  • Logout.


Click this icon on the Taskbar to hide all open windows. Click again to un-hide open windows.

Project Manage

Displays the name of the current project. Click to open the Project Manager

Quick Tour 

 The "?" icon is present in every mlOS window. Click to get step-by-step navigation.

User Profile

Displays Name, organization, and logout. Click on the Profile button to change your profile.


Click to hide or un-hide active or completed processes.

Activity Viewer

Click to monitor processes that are running, completed or exited. Find all your work logs here.

Note: Refreshing your browser will not lead to loss of existing tasks. Your session starts right where you left your work! Also refresh your browser if a button or functionality is not responding the way it should.


Notifications appear on the right of the desktop as any compute operation is run. An example is shown below.

Click the Text Viewer icon within a notification to see the details of the process on the page that opens.

If the process encountered has an error, the details will be shown here. Fix it and re-run the process.

Three things to remember:

  1. Use mlOS how you use your computer.
  2. The taskbar has all the controls.
  3. Refresh your browser when something doesn't work.